Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Alinker Walking Bike

Creative, high impact products come in many shapes and forms. For example, take Alinker, a walking bike designed to enable users with limited mobility a way to more easily get around.

Alinker includes a light frame with a wheel and seating arrangement which allows users to rest on the seat in a substantially standing position. Requiring users to make a movement similar to many gliders, the Alinker walking bike enables users who may have difficulty on traditional bicycles, such as amputees, a way to enjoy bicycling again. The Alinker further may serve as a more comfortable, more mobile walker compared to traditional walker devices. Overall, the Alinker walking bike has the potential to bring improved mobility and the fun of bicycling back to many people’s lives.  

Given the potential of the Alinker walking bike to have such a positive impact, it is great to see that there have already been investments directed towards protecting intellectual property for the Alinker. In particular, there is currently a U.S. patent (U.S. Pat. No. 9,623,926 B2) issued to Barbara Elisabeth Alink, the inventor of the Alinker, as well as several other additional filings that are pending.
With the various aspects of the Alinker which contribute to its functionality, such as the sizing and arrangement of the wheels, the seat height, and the handles, to name a few, it will be interesting to see the directions these patent filings will go to protect the Alinker. What is particularly interesting is that Alinker seems to be taking a portfolio approach, rather than relying on a single patent filing.Portfolio development can sometimes be the deciding difference in establishing intellectual property that helps grow the business.


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