Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Car Umbrella That’s No Longer Just a Parasol

In the midst of summer, it is probably not uncommon for drivers to persistently circle a parking lot, in hopes for the highly coveted spot that has even a modicum of shade.  After all, returning to a scorching hot car with seat belt buckles that require indirect contact with the hands or finding that the chocolate bar you forgot about in the glove compartment has turned into a gooey puddle turns even the most patient of persons into a sweaty grouch.  Vehicle sunshades (or umbrellas, or hats) have been developed (see CN2483228, US7562928, CN201442617) to provide vehicles with autonomous shade, providing a portable barrier between the vehicle and the sun that can be deployed anytime the car is parked.
An innovative version has recently appeared in markets that takes the car shade to new level of usefulness.  The Lanmodo car tent (, besides shading a car and providing cooling of up at 36 degrees, the tent also functions as a protective shield.  Whether it be that the only parking spot available is under a tree full of hungry birds, or if inclement weather such as hail is in the forecast, the Lanmodo car tent is designed to withstand impact from falling objects as well winds of up to 30 mph.  The tent can also be used independently from the vehicle as an outdoor canopy or a camping tent.

One of the more contemporary novel features is the wireless remote control to open and close the tent that also functions as a security system along with an anti-theft belt that cannot be cut.  Reviews for the Lanmodo car tent amongst various media outlets (Digital Trends, Business Insider, Huffpost, etc.) have been positive and crowdsource funding through Indiegogo reached 1000% in just 12 days.  With this much excitement and patent protection, Lanmodo seems to have found success with its multi-purpose car tent.
Interestingly, the patent for Lanmodo’s car tent could not be found.  There are several possible reasons for this, the first being that the application was recently submitted and is currently pending.  Alternatively, the patent may have been published but under the name of an parent company.


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