Monday, October 23, 2017

Invention in the Cowboy and Cowgirl Boot Arts

Innovation in the outdoors and apparel space is not limited to high tech gear. Sometimes the most innovative new products transform something that has not changed in a hundred years or more. That brings us to Dusty Rocker and Broken T Boots. Leslie Thompson invented a new boot design that has an interchangeable inlay for the purpose of changing colors of design, and recently received a patent for her new design: US 9,661,897.  Here's a link to a video that gives more details.
The invention uses interchangeable inlays that show through openings in the boot to create different looks (see the teal blue in the example below).

The website ( describes the boots as follows:
One Boot, Three Styles! You heard right ladies, our Dusty Rocker Boots allow for endless wardrobe possibilities and versatility. The Dahlia Black is the perfect go-to boot whether it's date night or a girl's night out! This special cowgirl boot comes with Turquoise Inlay (as shown) which pops against the cream stitching, as well as your two favorite interchangeable inlays that you choose. We recommend White and Magenta. This boot also comes in square toe.
It is great to see women innovators making transformations in iconic American footwear styles. This should be lesson to inventors and entrepreneurs that innovation knows no bounds.


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