One of the joys of summer is getting outside with your beloved pet. Whether it is sitting at the park and enjoying the views, or trekking through the woods, many of us just can't get enough time with our little buddies.

Unfortunately, encounters with predators can be tragic for domesticated pets. Coyotes, mountain lions, and others looking for a meal are coming to populated areas at an increasing rate. I myself have lost a pet to coyotes in my city neighborhood just a few miles from downtown Portland. That is why when I saw the new CoyoteVest, I just had to write about it.

CoyoteVest Armor - available at

CoyoteVest Armor - available at

Paul Mott is the inventor and CEO of the company that makes the CoyoteVest. His patent recently issued and illustrates the importance of early patent filings. US 9,901,074 protects the idea of the vest with the bristles and spikes - elements crucial for protecting your beloved pet from an attack. According to their website, Paul was driven to come up with a solution to issue after having lost his own pet to a coyote. 

No doubt Paul's idea was inspired by protective mutations in various wild animals but not until his invention did anyone ever think of making such as vest!

So don't let a fear of coyotes or other predators stop you from getting out to enjoy some outdoor time with your pets, and be thankful we have inventors driven to bring us these products in exchange for valuable patent protection.