Humans have tried to improve the art of fishing for thousands of years - nets, rods, you name it. So one would think that the space for new invention in the area of fishing technology would be virtually nonexistent. Well, that would be wrong. The drive to find better ways to catch fish has fueled an amazing advancement in recent times with regard to fishing gear. 

A recent example is illustrated by US patent publication 20180084769.  The invention, by Globeride, relates to a line stopper for a fishing reel that has a line stopper member that includes a fishing line catching portion and a support shaft portion, and a supporting member that supports the line stopper member and fits in a through hole formed in a main body of the fishing reel. On one of the fishing line catching portion or the supporting member, a protrusion is provided at a left or right side or both the left and right sides of the support shaft portion in a width direction of the supporting member in a plan view where the fishing line catching portion and the supporting member overlap each other.


The patent application explains the problem with prior line stoppers is that the line still comes off after locking or the line can become creased or it is too hard to get a good lock. Several of our contributors are avid fisherman and cannot wait to see if Globeride's new design is really as effective as it seems.