Many runners and outdoor enthusiasts may be familiar with the life-saving goos (aka energy gels) that are handed out during long races or that make great emergency provisions for long backpacking trips.

These goos have been around since the 1980s, but that does not mean that innovation in this space has been exhausted. For example, a patent assigned to Premier Nutrition Corporation was issued at the end of December 2014 for a new goo formulation (U.S. Pat. No. 8,937,049).

“What was the differentiating factor for this new goo?” You might ask. It turns out that the differentiating factor for the new goo was actually a combination of the goo’s high energy density and ratio of carbohydrates to protein, fat, and water.

Whereas the prior art goos were formulated to be low in energy density, the claimed Premier Nutrition Corporation goo included extra caloric power via a particular ratio of nutrients designed to fuel users during extended strenuous activity.  

It goes to show that the food and beverage industry is still innovating and growing—especially when it comes to performance nutrition products.